More About Hair Accessories

Even though people have been leaving accessories to jewelry and purses, it is important to note that you can also bring hair into this mix. This means that it is possible to make your own hair accessories to bring about glamour to the outfits of any day.

The Making of Different Hair Accessories

Some of the materials you need when making different hair accessories are beads, bobby pins, glue gun, needles, scissors, thread, etc.

Headbands – To make a ribbon headband, you will require a ribbon or choice and a thin elastic band. To achieve the desired size, you should wrap the ribbon around your head and then cut it to be six inches shorter. Your elastic should be four inches and then sew the ends together in a loop to form the ribbon headband.

Elastic Hairband – This is a must-have as long as you have hair, whether short or long. Making it is quite simple because you will just need an elastic band, sew it to make a loop, then cover it with a fabric of choice. Make sure to make it colorful.

Hair Clips – If you want to a bow hair clip, get at most 4-inch wide fabric and cut it into two. One piece should be wider and you should wrap it to make a loop. Proceed to stick the ends using glue. The other piece will enable you to create a knot. You will wrap it at the center of the other piece that you had created a loop. After that, you will achieve a small bow that you should attach to a hair clip.

Hair Accessories Suitable for Different Hair Styles
• Elastic hairbands are suitable for ponytails as long as your hair can be held in such a hairstyle.
• Barrettes will suit any hair length and you can use them for medium and long styles.
• Use snap clips to secure pieces of hair that might fall out of a ponytail.