Metal or Plastic Clips; Which Ones Are the Best?

Hair clips are ever-evolving but the good thing with them is that they always feel modern. They are a trend that makes a comeback just when people think they are over. They have existed for centuries because even cave dwellers made them from bones, thorns and sticks. The modern clips are mostly made from metal or plastic.

Metallic hair clips last longer than plastic ones. However, they can hurt the scalp knot the hair or rip off your hair if the ends are not covered with rubber coating. These clips are a godsend if you find the right quality, especially when you want to keep the hair away from the face or secure your French twist or a bun. They hold the hair tightly, and the metal clasp will not budge.

Plastic hair clips are gentle on the scalp. You can quickly install one without fear of hurting yourself. They are mostly made of resin, which gives them a smooth and shiny finish. They hold your hair tightly and will not tug it. They are ideal for a casual look or a decorative one in events such as a wedding.

Whether you choose to buy metal or plastic hair clips, they come in various designs and colors. Common types include claw clip, banana clip, alligator clip, snap clip and bobby pin. They are all versatile and have no complicated mechanism. Anyone can clip them and hold the hair in various ways. For a more natural look, go for less visible clips.

It is easy to find one that will match your occasion. A wrong choice can make an adult look a fourth grade-student. Clips make styling your hair beautifully. Besides, they can be worn by anyone regardless of their age. Just choose what suits your age because some are made for kids.