Types of Hair Accessories and How they are Used

Hair accessories

Your hair enhances your beauty. Many people style their hair differently, and styling requires different types of hair accessories. What do you use to adorn your hair when going on a date, to school, or cycling? Different types of hair accessories cannot be used on the same occasion. While some people might consider putting their hair in a ponytail or a bun, they need something to help them.

Below are different hair accessories, their make, and their use


You can fasten and gather your hair using hair barrettes. The barrettes are of different sizes, and it is essential to ensure that you get the right size for your hair volume. If the hair is voluminous, ensure to get a bigger size. The barrettes are good with bangs, a ponytail, or half-up hairstyles. The barrettes can be made of stainless steel with decorations from other materials such as pearls.


There are different types of clips. There are jaw clips, claw clips, snap clips, banana clips, and many others. They are used to secure the hair in different hairstyles such as updos. Snap clips secure hair that cannot be gathered, and they can be done with just one hand. They come in different sizes, and they have different colors and decorations. They can be encrusted with various materials and are made of plastic.


The headbands sit around the head, and there is a wide range to choose from. The headbands do not wrap around the head like scarves and can be adorned on any hairstyle. The headbands are made of decorated metal, and sometimes they can be lined with materials such as clothes and velvet to make them more attractive. You might be out cycling, and instead of using a bandana to keep the hair out of your face, you use a headband. If you want to separate your hair and be able to keep it that without undoing the style the headband will help. (https://www.denlilleprikkenoverien.no/categories/harboyler)


These are metals that are open on one side and closed on the other. They are thin and are in different colors. Hairpins can be plain, color-coated, or jewel-encrusted. They are best for buns and chignons. (https://www.denlilleprikkenoverien.no/)


Elastics can tie up hair and remove it from the eyes. They can also be used to fasten ponytails to prevent them from coming apart. Elastics just like the name suggests are made of elastics but, they are decorated with flowers or butterflies. (https://www.denlilleprikkenoverien.no/categories/harband)


Sticks can be stuck on the hair purely for adornment but, they can also be used to secure hairstyles that require being gathered at the top of the head or can be used to twist the hair. The sticks can come in different sizes and lengths, and if your hair is bulky and you need to gather it, you can choose a longer and sturdier stick. The sticks can be made of different metals such as silver, crystal, or stainless steel, and at other times they can have pearls and other ornaments as decorative at the ends.